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Presto Privacy Policy

Updated 2/15/21


In accordance with developing national and international privacy laws, Presto is committed to maintaining an updated Privacy Policy. We want to make sure you’re aware of all your rights, as well as letting you know what steps we’re taking to make sure you have control over your data and how it gets shared.

Let’s start with the rights we mentioned. Currently this is only part of the legal code for certain states within the US, as well as the EU, but since we like to treat all our shoppers with equal courtesy and respect, we’re rolling it out for everyone.

You have the right to:

  1. Know what categories of personal data are being collected about you.
  2. Know whether your personal data is sold or disclosed and to whom.
  3. Have the ability to say no to the sale of personal data.
  4. Access your personal data if it's been collected by a business.
  5. Request a business delete any personal information about yourself that was collected from you.
  6. Not be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights.

In addition, if you are a resident of the EU you have the legal right to appeal to a Supervisory Authority if you feel your privacy rights are being violated. (If you're a US resident, you've always got the right to appeal to the Courts, but we don't have any Supervisory Authorities for the GDPR.)

What Data is Being Collected

Please be advised, should you choose to opt into in-app notifications for Liveshops in your area, the app will track your location (even when the app is not running) for that purpose. This feature is optional and you may opt-out at any time.

When you create an account with Presto, we collect your email address, birth year, and identified gender, as well as some metadata (as described below). That's it. Your birthday is used to verify that you're legally old enough to use the Site, and then it (along with your identified gender) is used to make sure you're offered surveys that are intended for your demographic. You can also voluntarily give us locations that you frequent, so we can keep you notified of shops in that area, but that's entirely your own choice. And that's all that we collect for our own purposes; email, birthday, identified gender, and (if you want) hotspots.

Presto is a survey creation and response collection tool, however, which means any number of data categories might potentially be collected on the surveys you choose to perform, on behalf of our clients.

There are two things you should know about that. One is that submission of data for these surveys is voluntary on your part; you choose which surveys to accept and submit, and because of that the privacy laws currently in place consider this to be a legal and allowable form of collection. That being said, we're going to notify you when a survey is collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), so that you can make an informed choice to self-assign the survey or not. Please note we also always share your general demographic information (ie your rough age range and identified gender) so that clients can generate demographic reports.

The second thing you need to know is that we collect metadata when you interact with the Presto Platform. This metadata is used for fraud prevention as well as debugging, and includes the IP address used for the evaluation, geolocation information, the log times, and information on the device used to complete the evaluation. Because it's intended for fraud prevention and platform functionality, this is also legal for us to collect, but because it's connected to you we want you to know about it.

Where We Sell/Disclose Your Data, and Opting Out

We don't sell your raw data to outside parties, ever.

We share the information mentioned above with our clients, for the purpose of fulfilling the contract between you. When you fill out a survey, legally speaking you're telling us you consent to us sharing that data with the clients who requested it. That data may be shared with our clients, and authorized employees of said client, but it will never be sold by us.

You can choose to opt out of us sharing your personal data (ie; your email address). If you do, there are certain services we can't offer you access to anymore. It's not because we don't want to, it's because we can't. Our ability to connect you with companies that want your survey skills hinges on sharing your email when you want to use our Insta-Shop platform. For that reason, should you choose to opt out of sharing your email, you won't have access to Presto Insta-Shops anymore. If you let us know you want to opt out, we'll double check and make sure you know what you're opting out of, and then we'll absolutely follow through, because we take your privacy seriously.

To contact us and choose to opt out, simply send us a message from within your account, by going to your account menu, clicking 'Help' and then clicking 'New Support Ticket.'

Data that is shared with our clients may be shared via online reporting on the Presto platform, exporting to an external platform in use by our clients, or via direct email with a client. For online reporting and exporting in Presto, this information is protected by a login wall, and when sent via email it has the privacy safeguards instituted by the servers of the email providers.

Our agreement with our clients advises them that they are responsible for keeping your data secure while in their possession, and also that they will lose access to our services if they are found to be abusing or using in an unlawful manner the data they collect from you. In other words, we expect our clients to take your privacy seriously, as well.

Accessing The Data We Have

If you'd like a copy of the personal data we keep on you, let us know and we'll make it happen. Just send us a message from within your account, by going to your account menu, clicking 'Help' and then clicking 'New Support Ticket.' Tell us that you'd like a copy of your Insta-Shopper personal data, and we'll send you an email to your verified account asking if the request came from you. Confirm that it did, and then you're done. When we honor your request, you'll receive any data that has been gathered or accessed by us within the last 12 months; including your account info, the evaluations you've completed that contain PII or SPI, and your metadata. It will be delivered to the email address associated with your account, in a digital format that is easily accessible via word processing, spreadsheet, and/or PDF viewing applications. In addition, you will also receive the following information:

  1. The person or persons with whom that data has been shared by us.
  2. How long the data is expected to be stored
  3. A reminder that you have the right to request that we erase your data
  4. A reminder that you have the right to lodge a complaint
  5. Any automatic decision making that occurred as a result of the personal data you provided.

Requesting Data Deletion

Most of the data you share is shared via surveys completed for our clients. As such, it constitutes information voluntarily given, and will be retained at minimum for two years in order to complete the contract between you and our clients.

However, aside from surveys that specifically collect PII or SPI, the data you give us when you complete an evaluation has no link to you beyond the connection with your account. Therefore, if you wish to have the data we hold disassociated from yourself, you can request data deletion via account erasure. We'll give you an anonymous ID, scramble your email address, and delete your password. That sounds complicated, but for you it's very simple. Just send us a message at support@prestomobilesurveys.com and tell us you want to delete your account and erase your data. We'll do it in a way that fulfills your contract with our clients, leaves you anonymous, and satisfies the law. Everyone wins.

Except, of course, that we'll miss having you as a shopper.

Non Discrimination

Last but not least, we'd never discriminate against anyone for taking their privacy seriously. Like we said, we take it seriously, too. We'll continue to give you access to as many of our services as we can, regardless of how much data you choose to share with us.

In addition, any data we collect will not be used to unlawfully discriminate against you by the Presto platform. The demographic criteria for certain surveys are intended to provide information about a specific group, not to exclude or harm any other group.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, or our use of your personal data, don't hesitate to contact us, either by email at support@prestometrics.freshdesk.com, or through our helpdesk portal, which can be accessed by clicking 'help' in your account menu.